Annual Service User Survey Results

Every year, Crossroads Caring Scotland conducts an in-depth survey with our service users to see how we are matching up to their expectations and our service promises. The results of the survey are used to make improvements when relevant.

Chief Executive Officer, Margaret McCarthy commented: “These results, which are based on responses from nearly 500 service users and carers are very encouraging, however we are always striving to improve and the survey also highlights areas in which we could do better. This feedback allows us to look into specific aspects of our service and address issues accordingly.”

The questionnaire and results are grouped into four themes:

  • Starting the service
  • Professionalism
  • Person-centred service
  • Overall satisfaction

Starting the Service

When a service user is first introduced to Crossroads Caring Scotland, we carry out an initial assessment to ensure that they receive the support that is right for them.

We listen and then work with the service user and/or their carer to prepare a service user agreement and personal care plan focused on their individual needs.

As well as personal likes and dislikes in, for example, food and drink, we build into each person’s plan the things that they enjoy doing most and what they want to achieve over the next few months, so that we are always working towards something and can measure outcomes.

88.8% were happy with the steps we took at the start of the service to identify their individual needs.


This section refers to the quality of the service that service users receive and the way that the members of the Crossroads team deliver that service. It covers aspects such as skill, conduct and reliability.

95.5% were happy with the professionalism of the Crossroads Caring team.

Person-centred Service

The individual needs of the service user and their carers are always central to our service and the next section of the survey measured how well we delivered on our promise to provide a person-centred approach.

The areas we asked respondents to rate included: knows likes and dislikes, respect, listening and communication and relationship with my family.

93.8% said they received a person-centred service.

Overall Satisfaction

In this section of the questionnaire we asked respondents to consider their overall satisfaction with the level and quality of service they receive.

90% were very satisfied with the service they receive from Crossroads Caring Scotland.

Direct quotes from questionnaires:

Forth Valley

  • The service my mum receives from CCS staff has been invaluable to her and our family.  We can’t thank them enough.
  • My mother and father have been able to continue to live together in their own home due to the service Crossroads provides.  The staff are fantastic.



  • The management and frontline teams are so on point in all aspects of our provision that I can trust them totally with the care needs of my cousin.
  • Very pleased with our regular support workers.  All support workers used at relief occasions have also been well versed in their duties.  All have been very pleasant and friendly in their approach and I have no hesitation in praising their attitude and behaviour.


Inverness shire

  • It's easy; I simply give positive praise of the Crossroads service if anyone asks – because it’s true.
  • All the carers are polite, helpful and reassuring in the service they provide.



  • Crossroads are consistent, we can trust them and we don’t have to worry
  • We know we can rely on the staff to look after…..
  • Have great respect for carers and their skills



  • Allows me time out when I have no worries how things are going and what my husband is doing
  • Excellent service has made all the difference
  • I cannot praise the carers highly enough
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