A word from the Chair of Crossroads Caring Scotland

A word from the Chair:

Now that lockdown has ended, we seem to have entered an even more complex and confusing phase of fighting the spread of Covid-19. With kids back at school and shops re-opened, we are all having to be even more vigilant in our day to day lives and abide by the guidelines.

While many of us worry about introducing the virus to our loved ones, our Support Workers have the added dimension of visiting the homes of many vulnerable (and worried) service users.

My fellow trustees and I continue to admire and respect your dedication to the people we care for and are grateful for the hard work that is being done to ensure we provide the best possible service at this trying time.

We are very aware that many of you will have been affected by the pandemic either personally or through your household or extended families. You may have experienced disrupted work patterns, been furloughed, or had to change how you work, all of which have been necessary but unwanted consequences of this extraordinary situation.

I thank Mags McCarthy and our team of Managers, Co-ordinators and all the staff at National Office for their hard work to manage a very demanding - and at times, confusing - scenario over the last few months.

The weekly ‘clap for carers’ may have come to an end but please be assured that your efforts are still greatly appreciated, and many representations continue to be made to ensure the part played by Support Workers is recognised.

We are not at the end of this dramatic period and nobody knows how or when things will get back to ‘normal’. As an organisation, we are not only working hard to deal with the current situation as it develops but also looking at how we ‘need to be’ in the world when Covid-19 is over.

On behalf of the Board and our many service users I thank you again for your selfless support and hard work. I extend my best wishes to you and your families for a brighter, simpler, future!

Bob Thomson
Chair, CCS.

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